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topcoat / пальто
имя существительное
coat, overcoat, topcoat, greatcoat
имя существительное
an overcoat.
Overcoats, topcoats , jackets, blankets, sweaters or other items can be wound around your forearm to protect it from knife slashes or hits from hard objects.
an outer coat of paint.
And avoid fast-drying topcoats : They may be convenient, but the ingredients in many formulas tend to shrink the polish, making it more prone to chipping.
Dressed in his woolen topcoat , Pellew stepped onto the deck.
His figure had been hidden, bent almost double against the rain, the thin wall between the sky and his skin consisting of the thick fabric of a topcoat and a shirt that would have been at home among silk.
Whichever you use for a topcoat , pour a 4-inch pool in the center of the piece and brush the finish out to the edges with a soft bristle brush.
As she waited for her purchase to be made up she took the opportunity to take off her topcoat - an elegantly executed exercise compelling her to stretch as she removed the sleeves from her arms.
Apply your topcoat with a good-quality brush or other applicator.
For example, if the existing topcoat is in good condition, and you're going to restain to the same, or darker color, one coat may suffice.
Before applying the clear topcoat , buff the surface with a superfine abrasive pad or 20-grit sandpaper - do not use steel wool, which can leave behind fine particles that will rust.
She knew it was the same one because of the long topcoat he was wearing.
On cool days he also dons a topcoat and cuts the air like the most glorious gangster in the history of an otherwise colorless world.
Let that dry for an elegant metal finish, or apply the patina topcoat or rapid rust oxidizer for a unique variety of aged finishes.