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topaz / топаз
имя существительное
имя существительное
a precious stone, typically colorless, yellow, or pale blue, consisting of a fluorine-containing aluminum silicate.
Brazil is the main source of gem topaz (an aluminium silicate fluoride in which hydroxyl ions replace some of the fluorine ions) Topaz can be colourless, blue, and rarely pink as well as the more familiar yellow.
a large tropical American hummingbird with a yellowish throat and a long tail.
There are excellent, beautifully illustrated sections on the feldspars, quartz, topaz , and beryl.
If Indians like their shades bright, then in the summer months they go positively dazzling, with fucshias, topaz blues and citrus greens, oranges and yellows.
bright topaz eyes
Instead she merely watched him and admired how the sun reflected off his opaline and topaz colored feathers.
As our return flight curved past Wakatobi, the mounds, ridges and huge crescent moons of the reefs we had been diving shimmered pale topaz in shallow pools of turquoise.
The ruby a necklace, the sapphire a ring, the opal a jeweled sword hilt, the moonstone a dangling earring, the diamond a stud earring, the amber an anklet, the emerald a bangle, and the blue topaz was the headband.
Think of semi - precious stones such as garnets, topaz , amethyst, aquamarine as much for their range of hues as for the way they hold the light, infusing it with shimmering color.
The whole shield jolted as glistening topaz fire erupted from the blade towards the core of the Striker group.
Allanite, fluorite, topaz , yttrotantalite, and zircon have all been found in pegmatites in the Stove Mountain area.
Before nightfall, the group had seen amethyst, citrine, imperial topaz , aquamarine, tourmaline, and even alexandrite.