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top-level / самого высокого ранга, самого высокого уровня
имя прилагательное
самого высокого ранга
самого высокого уровня
имя прилагательное
of the highest level of importance or prestige.
top-level talks
The mutineers insist they were not trying to seize power but only wanted to expose a top-level conspiracy.
Meanwhile, a top-level investigation has been ordered in an attempt to identify the cause of the freak explosion.
Indicating the scope of a top-level label is an excellent way to provide context for that label.
This game is all about national prestige, international rivalry and top-level politics.
Ministers were acting on the recommendations of a top-level report aimed at tackling rising levels of obesity among young people.
Due to top-level corruption, core decisions would not be taken through transparent procedures and on merit.
Roasting has taken on a more sordid meaning with claims that top-level footballers are engaging in group sex with consenting young women.
There is a fine line between success and failure in top-level golf.
Youngsters - supposedly the future of golf - are not exposed to enough top-level golf to develop an interest in the game.
It marks the start of a top-level shake-up that should save £250,000 a year from 2007 onwards.