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top-end / верхний конец
верхний конец
upper end, top edge
имя прилагательное
(of a product) at the top of a range; high quality or sophisticated.
top-end automobiles
Spurning such childish gadgets, adults look for something top-end to show off their more sophisticated tastes.
Their best bet might be a top-end Championship team, where they come in and play well and stay in that team when they get promoted to the Premiership.
Hence, the company is trying to change the product mix to increase the production of the top-end model.
It is a massive secular cathedral, glittering with the best retail opportunities money can buy and here nothing comes cheap, certainly not a top-end restaurant.
Because of this, the top-end hotels have had to distinguish themselves with lavish spending on innovative modern design and eye-catching architecture.
The top-end chip contains 1MB of L2 cache, the lower-end part 512KB.
Of course, many visiting stars choose to stay in top-end hotels, especially for a night in Dublin.
This has all the characteristics of top-end rioja: ripe fruit, cedar notes and a wonderful comforting velvety finish.
Agents said the sales have set a benchmark for luxury projects in the Kowloon Station area, as the Harbourside is the first top-end project launched there.
The rise of the niche and boutique hotels has been undermining growth at the exclusive top-end market.