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toothsome / вкусный, приятный на вкус
имя прилагательное
tasty, savory, yummy, palatable, nice, toothsome
приятный на вкус
toothsome, mellow
имя прилагательное
(of food) temptingly tasty.
a toothsome morsel
The sweet potato pudding, which looks like a slice of pie, barely tastes like dessert: served warm, it had a toothsome texture and dominant ginger flavour, but little sweetness.
The half-moons of supple dough encase toothsome cabbage and mushroom, cheese and potato, or meat fillings; order the combination plate to cover all four food groups.
Efficient it may be from an economic point of view, but it not only gets in the way of Daltrey's relationship with the toothsome Maddy: it threatens to leave him dead.
Their daily highlights given to it by B4U which had acquired the rights, were part-anchored by the toothsome Annie.
Now he produces toothsome truffles, made-to-order creations such as a chocolate lorry for a 60-year-old juggernaut driver, from his aromatic premises Monk Bar Chocolatiers in Goodramgate, York.
Cholly was to play his toothsome , verdant secretary who was, quiet bluntly, very dim.
This could be the most handsome and toothsome Shakespearean cast I have ever seen.
So what is it that Milene likes about the toothsome millionaire Ronaldo?
This paste is then mixed with fish and cooked and wrapped in a banana leaf, affording a nourishing and toothsome dish.
As seen in some rather toothsome chicken livers, the cooking can sometimes be vigorous rather than finely tuned, though the constituents are of uniform high quality (the fish, for example, is supplied by the venerated Corrigan's).