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toothless / беззубый
имя прилагательное
toothless, edentulous, edentate, sans teeth
имя прилагательное
having no teeth, typically through old age.
a toothless old man
Three little girls ran to the door grinning toothless grins.
A grungy man with an evil, nearly toothless grin crouched behind it.
Griffin is 32 and toothless and bone thin with wild dark eyes and a dark beard and fine, long black hair that he combs with fastidious care.
Garda watchdog body will be toothless says expert
Six-month-old toothless Adi grins trustingly at the world.
And this caring for future generations must involve government, all industries, and the toothless EMA as well.
It was a toothless old man who was chuckling loudly, withdrawing his hand - which only bore three fingers - and laying it on his sheathed sword.
I saw him play more than once at Central Park in New York, his toothless mouth soulfully lisping his unique and beautiful song style.
The inquiry is effectively powerless, and it is toothless .
There were three people ahead of me on line, and one old toothless guy who got on line behind me and immediately pulled out a container of yogurt and began eating.