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toothbrush / зубная щетка
имя существительное
зубная щетка
имя существительное
a small brush with a long handle, used for cleaning the teeth.
Relatives of missing people were asked to provide DNA samples by bringing in toothbrushes , hair brushes, electric razors, and other personal items.
Use only a wet toothbrush and brush after breakfast and at night before bedtime.
This is usually because they are very difficult to clean with an ordinary toothbrush .
Gently brush the toes of one foot with an unused toothbrush , soaked in a shampoo solution.
She then brought out a toothbrush and a bottle of her very own home-made detergent.
Clean your appliance by brushing it gently with your toothbrush and toothpaste.
You can use the end of a toothbrush handle to tool the joints and clean the intersections.
The aerolatte looks like an electric toothbrush , but with a whisk head instead of a brush.
For the overnighter I pretty much took a toothbrush , my hot water bottle and a change of underwear.
We passed out combs and hairbrushes, toothbrushes , pencils and pens, and dolls and stuffed animals.
Reception year children are provided with a ‘brush bus’ containing labelled toothbrushes bearing the children's names.