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toothache / зубная боль
имя существительное
зубная боль
имя существительное
a pain in a tooth or teeth.
he has a toothache
People die of oral cancer and other serious oral diseases, people suffer from toothache , and people need advice and care to maintain healthy teeth and guns.
But North Yorkshire coroner Geoff Fell recorded an open verdict, saying he was not convinced the overdose had anything to do with toothache .
In very small doses it could have been used to relieve toothache , but the seeds would also have been used to render unconscious patients awaiting amputations.
He still suffered shooting pain in his face, as well as toothache and had been left with money problems after the attack in February.
But in addition to my little toothache , which I had to get taken care of.
Prostaglandins are associated with symptoms of fever, pain and inflammation such as experienced with toothache .
The message I am trying to get through is that the majority of people keep aspirin at home in case they get toothache , so why not do the same with emergency contraception?
he got a toothache
Joint pain and toothache may both be due to increased pressure within a bony canal.
The only toothache I've ever had since then was 10 years later, which was about 11 years ago.