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toolbox / ящик для инструментов
имя существительное
ящик для инструментов
tool-box, holdall
имя существительное
a box or container for keeping tools in.
Storing the toolbox containing said torch in the bottom of a dark drawer about as far away from my bedroom as it's possible to be probably isn't the most practical thing in the world.
It isn't the type of hammer you would keep in your toolbox .
He regularly carried a toolbox for his copier service calls.
This familiar toolbox of desktop computing is a huge and lucrative business, but demand for it has slowed.
Your toolbox for replacing tiles should include an electric drill, a club hammer, assorted chisels, a tile file, tile adhesive spreader, a grout rake for removing old grout and a grout spreader.
It is sure to remain in my software toolbox for years to come.
There was a time when the average chap, armed with a toolbox and a workshop manual, could tackle quite major jobs on a car.
Inside his cabin, McAbery reaches for the worn cardboard container that serves as his only toolbox .
One of my sharpest childhood memories is of my father coming home with his toolbox on his shoulder, paid off from his joiner's job.
Caching isn't the only thing in the software toolbox .
The toolbox has been rearranged in the interest of common sense.