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too / тоже, слишком, также
also, too, so, both, eke, item
too, too much, overly, over, o'er
also, as well, too, likewise, either, both
to a higher degree than is desirable, permissible, or possible; excessively.
he was driving too fast
in addition; also.
is he coming too?
He was moving that day too and we decided to help each other, plus he'd got the van for free from his work.
As the blaze raged on fire chiefs decided it was too dangerous to tackle directly.
it was all too much for him
I was there too
Once your hair is really long consider tying it back in a loose plait at bedtime too .
By the end, the film has become far too serious in its attitude and it becomes quite dreary.
Note too that we would not even consider this to be a coherent semantic field in English.
he threw him out and quite right too
it's a tragedy and she was so young too
If one waits too long, then the patient can be so frail and unfit that surgery is no longer an option.