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tonsure / тонзура
имя существительное
выбривать тонзуру
имя существительное
a part of a monk's or priest's head left bare on top by shaving off the hair.
My hair was long as it always had been; our order didn't endorse tonsures , thank God.
shave the hair on the crown of.
The second presents Augustine as a tonsured monk in an austere cell, working with a quill on a small book.
his hair is thinning up there—soon he'll have a tonsure like a monk's
In 1943, he completed medical studies and secretly assumed monastic tonsure , receiving the name Anthony.
His cowl had fallen back, exposing his tonsure .
Peter the Great greatly restricted access to monastic tonsure , thereby virtually barring the nobility from entering the black clergy.
he received the tonsure
His dark hair lay cropped close to his head like a monk's tonsure and his small black eyes sat deep within their sockets like tiny pieces of coal buried in a lump of snow.
Yet Jacques Daret had been tutored as a child and was a trained cleric who received his tonsure from the bishop of Cambrai in 1423.
His hairstyle also reminds me of a tonsure , and his monkish qualities include withdrawal from Earth and earthly delights; his commission and starship serve as a monastery.
At that time Nimmyo's mother, Dowager Empress Saga, took the tonsure and entered a temple.
One of the disputed matters might seem absurd to us now: it was the form of the tonsure , the way in which monks shaved the tops of their heads.