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tonne / метрическая тонна
имя существительное
метрическая тонна
metric ton, tonne
This meant that the injured leg was suddenly under more than a tonne of weight.
Production lines were left blackened and charred, hundreds of tonnes of ingredients were ruined.
They believe that 20 tonnes of dust per acre is enough to make land fertile for a decade.
Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of cod were taken out each year, building up great fortunes for those that fished it.
For each tonne of cans that is re-used, 1.5 tonnes of iron ore and half a tonne of coal are saved.
They have pointed out that it takes three tonnes of wild fish to produce one tonne of the farmed variety.
This is a record as the average yield in the State is around four tonnes per hectare.
Hundreds of tonnes of sewage was stored with the smell making life a misery for residents.
Hundreds of tonnes of peat and debris swept down Haworth Moor near Top Withens.
We don't know much about what the impact is when hundreds of tonnes of gravel are removed.