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tonnage / тоннаж, грузовместимость, корабельный сбор
имя существительное
tonnage, burden, burthen
tonnage, freightage, shipload
корабельный сбор
имя существительное
weight in tons, especially of cargo or freight.
road convoys carry more tonnage
Based on advice from the Land Transport Safety Authority, I am satisfied that the East Coast main trunk line carrying tonnage to and from the Port of Tauranga is safe.
The ship will serve to lift capability in a broad range of scenarios and this is expected to lead to the acquisition of more tonnage in the future.
They can supply details such as the name, tonnage , date of sinking and depth of wreck of any vessel sunk since 1913.
a galleon of greater tonnage than any ship Kit had sailed
The port was the fastest growing in terms of tonnage handled on the U.S. East Coast, outperforming Philadelphia, New York, and Hampton Roads / Norfolk.
Before 1836 the registered tonnage of sailing ships was a notional figure calculated by a formula based on the length, breadth and depth of the hold.
The book includes a host of pictures and an extensive listing of ships that served in the Transport Service, often including their date of purchase, tonnage , and dates of service.
a ship with a gross tonnage of 552
road convoys carry more tonnage
Railroads carried much more tonnage than wagons.