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tonic / тоник, тоника, тонизирующее средство
имя существительное
tonic, pickup, tonic-water, pick-me-up
тонизирующее средство
tonic, restorative, bracer, corroborant
укрепляющее средство
tonic, restorative, roborant, corroborant, invigorant
имя прилагательное
tonic, restorative
tonic, accentual
strengthening, restorative, tonic, fortifying, alterative, recuperative
имя прилагательное
giving a feeling of vigor or well-being; invigorating.
The Chinese sometimes include zhu ling (they use the sclerotium rather than the fruiting body) as an ingredient in herbal tonic formulas.
relating to or denoting the first degree of a scale.
At first, whirling scales and broken arpeggios scamper across the keyboard, hopefully tethered by tonic pedal notes in the bass.
denoting or relating to the syllable within a tone group that has greatest prominence, because it carries the main change of pitch.
Their usual intonation pattern is a rising tone on and after the tonic syllable, but, when rhetorical or emphatic, they are said with a falling tone.
relating to or restoring normal tone to muscles or other organs.
The places that we see, these slow tonic muscle fibres, are almost the exact places where the muscles are shaping the surface of the tongue, and shaping them to do the shapes that we know are producing our speech.
имя существительное
a medicinal substance taken to give a feeling of vigor or well-being.
Nineteenth-century medicine vendors often peddled tonics as a cure-all for symptoms as varied as a mild cough or severe rash.
the first note in a scale that, in conventional harmony, provides the keynote of a piece of music.
Britten's score breaks off at bar 30, just at the moment of the return to the tonic .
Love it or hate it, you're sure to find it an invigorating tonic .
He's been a good friend and his inveterate optimism has been a welcome tonic to my usual cynicism.
The tonic contractions, in contrast, clearly regulate the emptying of fluids from the stomach.
These were the words that worked like a tonic on the renowned music composer.
This clinic uses a special tonic that is meant to stall the growth of the cancer cells.
Very, very expensive - the last time I went, I paid £7 for a gin and tonic .
Jatamansi is an effective sedative and brain tonic , enhancing concentration and memory.
To a borderline workaholic like me, his attitude is a complete tonic .
Milk thistle extract - long used as a liver tonic in European folk medicine - may be a far better nutritional supplement than its acclaimed herbal cousins.
This illustrates the essential place of the closure of the pylorus by tonic contraction in the prevention of such reflux.