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tongue-tied / косноязычный, лишившийся дара речи, молчащий
имя прилагательное
лишившийся дара речи
имя прилагательное
too shy or embarrassed to speak.
Neither could really speak, being tongue-tied and breathless.
having a malformation restricting the movement of the tongue.
I was born tongue-tied in the most literal sense: the tissue connecting my tongue to the floor of my mouth was short and thick, limiting lingual movement.
Neither could really speak, being tongue-tied and breathless.
But that piece of filming became part of family folklore, as my parents were convinced it had been edited to make its subject appear shy and tongue-tied , to fit their own preconceptions about country people.
If you want to get involved in evangelization but, like most people, feel tongue-tied and vaguely inept, one easy way to do it is to order some copies of this booklet and give 'em away.
But I didn't, because I was suddenly tongue-tied and self-conscious.
He flushed with aggravation at his nervousness, and swore silently at his tendency to get tongue-tied in the presence of beautiful women.
His attractive features had caught her off guard, leaving her tongue-tied and bashful.
One finds oneself going into a room and meeting an archdeacon, and becoming completely tongue-tied .
If you are medically tongue-tied , you shouldn't be able to touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth with your mouth open as wide as you can.
Anonymous messaging and chat rooms let you flirt to your heart's content without any embarrassment or getting tongue-tied .
He may be tongue-tied or nervous, confused or wanting in intelligence.