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toneless / невыразительный
имя прилагательное
inexpressive, featureless, expressionless, dismal, toneless, gray
This is an almost funny music video for a toneless punk-metal song.
She shouted it over and over in her toneless voice.
Pity suffused her voice for a moment, then melted away leaving behind an oddly toneless quality.
The narrative is driven almost completely by toneless voiceovers, and violence, needless to say, simmers and moans forever beneath the film's surface.
Gregory's voice had gotten softer, and was no longer completely toneless .
‘I don't want to hear it,’ she said, her voice flat, toneless .
The intolerable toneless monologues of the last few auditions made a couple of people go to sleep.
Her eyes were blank, looking somewhere far away, and her voice was toneless .
His voice was toneless , but his expression was sceptical.
‘I get the message,’ he said in a deep and toneless voice.