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tonality / тональность
имя существительное
key, tonality, mood, mode, keynote
имя существительное
the character of a piece of music as determined by the key in which it is played or the relations between the notes of a scale or key.
In music, melody and tonality became old-fashioned, and the twelve tone row and atonality reigned supreme in ‘serious’ composition.
the color scheme or range of tones used in a picture.
Its semi-finished state and near monochrome, cold blue tonality indicate that it is a surviving design for the relief.
His pieces are too monotonous in rhythm and weak in melody to be really interesting, and his experiments in tonality are indecisive.
This is one of those few works in which Rodrigo chose to set aside conventional tonality ; the results are not difficult for the average listener to enjoy, however.
The lighting too is questionable, reduced in some rooms to levels which, while they might suit the tonality of Picasso, can kill the often subtle colours of Matisse.
At the very end of the piece, in a very contemporary strategy, the perfect fourth yields to a tritone, C-#, thereby obscuring an unambiguous closure in an enriched tonality of D major.
A similar sensitivity to tonality permeates his music today.
the first bar would seem set to create a tonality of C major
these pieces are more dissonant than my earlier works, yet I did not give up tonality
Look at its Corot-esque, grey tonality and its fleeting brushwork.
In the ‘Rubaiyat’, the lightness of the flowers is emphasised by the dark green shade of the leaves, while their colouring relates to the rather dark tonality employed in the miniatures.
The fleet finale, lasting less than two minutes, is a wonder, with harmony and tonality largely in shreds.