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tonal / тональный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the tone of music, color, or writing.
his ear for tonal color
Feldman specifies many tonal colors that the musicians go to pains to reproduce accurately and engagingly.
Also, Chinese is a tonal language, which means that words change meaning depending on whether they're said with a rising tone, falling tone, falling then rising, or flat.
Vietnamese is a tonal language; the meanings of words are determined by the pitch or tone at which the words are spoken.
This process could not go on indefinitely, and in 1908 Schoenberg made the break into atonality, abandoning the attempt to fit atonal harmonies into tonal forms.
I always went along when Dad played the organ and one day I started helping to pull the registers, something that maybe had an early influence on the choice of tonal colors that now play an important role in my job.
She manages beautifully subtle shifts in tempo without crossing over into the soupy, and she applies a large palette of tonal color tastefully.
His formula gives an exceptionally brilliant tonal rendition and a very cool image color.
His sense of rhythmic freedom, elasticity of phrasing, romantic ardor, and caressing tonal hues set a new standard for the four Chopin Ballades.
One rule of thumb is that muted pinks in the warmer tonal families will generally flatter almost any skin color or tone regardless of age.
It is always refreshing to experience an outstanding début concert, especially when the artists display a balance of tonal beauty with insightful involving musicianship.