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tomography / томография
имя существительное
имя существительное
a technique for displaying a representation of a cross section through a human body or other solid object using X-rays or ultrasound.
We used plain radiography or computed tomography to diagnose pneumonia.
They can be treated by percutaneous drainage guided by ultrasonography or computed tomography if the pancreatic injury was minor.
We used plain radiography or computed tomography to diagnose pneumonia.
Ultrasonography and computed tomography are the imaging studies of choice.
Ultrasonography and computed tomography will show the size, position, and number of liver cysts and any extrahepatic cysts.
The diagnosis may be confirmed with plain radiography, computed tomography , or endoscopy.
Abdominal ultrasonography or computed tomographic scanning with contrast medium is appropriate when organomegaly is present.
Radiologic studies, including computed tomographic scan and ultrasound, can suggest a diagnosis.
Two and a half months later, a computed tomographic scan showed multifocal nodules with ill-defined margins in both lungs.
The electroencephalogram and computed tomographic scan were within normal limits.
While in radiology, a computed tomographic scan-guided needle biopsy of a tumor nodule in the bony pelvis was conducted.