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tome / том, большая книга
имя существительное
volume, part, tome, book
большая книга
имя существительное
a book, especially a large, heavy, scholarly one.
a weighty tome
denoting an instrument for cutting.
denoting a section or segment.
It looks, in short, like a general reader's fantasy of a scholarly tome .
After flipping through the heavy pages of the tome for nearly half an hour, she had to admit defeat.
a weighty tome
At times he seems caught out like a student tied to an unworkable premise for the sake of writing a heavy tome .
Why pay £20 to lug around a weighty tome when you can copy the bits you need for free?
It is a weighty tome which is stimulating and challenging to read but is, in the end, disappointing.
Perhaps now is the time for me to eat my words, as it seems that the latest tome is much darker than the previous books.
a weighty tome
These tomes are far too serious for his feeble intellect.
Heavy tomes covered much of the walls but he only ran a hand over a few of the calfskin covers.