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tomcat / кот
имя существительное
cat, tomcat, male cat, gib, he-cat
имя существительное
a male domestic cat.
These guys went at it like two tomcats fighting over the pussy next door.
pursue women promiscuously for sexual gratification.
tomcatting all night and sleeping until afternoon
A large long-haired grey tomcat was lost in the Barnashrone / Ballyfin area.
Officers caring for the black tomcat last night named him Bilbo.
While that may be overstating things just a little, it must be said that he has the air of a well-fed tomcat sitting on a square-mile of linoleum with a petrified mouse in his grasp.
Waiting for her at the gate was the neighbour's tabby tomcat who bore the unoriginal name of Tiger.
I mean, everybody knew her from a safe distance as she took her fat, one-eyed, almost bald tomcat , Strudel, for his morning drag around the complex.
A large black-and-white tomcat strolled along the road.
The tomcat appears to use violence to subdue the female cat.
I glanced down and Charlie, Zachery's black and white tomcat , was sitting beside his bowl, a smug and fairly self satisfied look on his face.
Boo was a black and white tomcat with gorgeous bright blue eyes - and I noticed that he was disappearing a lot lately.
He was simultaneously rumored to be gay and a tomcat who cheats on his wife, who in turn was rumored to be a drug addict.