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tomato / помидор, томат, персик
имя существительное
tomato, love apple
peach, tomato
имя существительное
a glossy red, or occasionally yellow, pulpy edible fruit that is typically eaten as a vegetable or in salad.
I make salad with avocados, tomato , lettuce and spring onions, with an olive oil and red wine dressing.
the South American plant of the nightshade family that produces this fruit. It is widely grown as a cash crop, and many varieties have been developed.
They discussed some tips for planting summer crops like tomatoes and capsicums.
Sucrose synthase genes have also been isolated from sucrose- or hexose-storing plants such as tomato and sugar beet.
Toss the pasta with the tomato and serve, topped with pieces of the crisped pancetta.
Stir in the tomato : test the vegetables again for seasoning and allow the mixture to cool.
Her breathing began to slow down, much to my relief, and her tomato red color began to ebb.
All I could do was hope they stopped talking about this as I turned tomato red.
Consider how conventional plant breeders would develop a disease-resistant tomato .
she got into the tomato Mini and drove away
A flush of red crept up Kiri's neck, turning her already rosy pink face tomato red.
The smile that had been on Leah's face faded, and her face went tomato red.
She is plainly dressed in a tomato red T-shirt and beige trousers.