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tom / самец
имя существительное
male, buck, bull, cock, mate, tom
имя существительное
the male of various animals, especially a turkey or domestic cat.
While hens usually travel together, toms roam either in separate flocks or alone.
(of a black person) behave in an excessively obedient or servile way.
The kittens would follow the tom around and when we trapped the last one of them he cried at our door for two days.
In the same week a ginger tom called Bat was accused of attacking postmen in Kent.
The four-year-old ginger tom moved to the town with owner Sara in January.
While the tabby slumped down to mew her pain the tom rampaged among the females and the other nestlings, tearing throats, breaking knees and elbows, and tossing the smaller ones against the closet wall.
The tom met with an unfortunate accident - sadly after I chased him out of the house he bolted in front of a car.
I donate financially, and have purchased two rescued cats (one adult tom , and one kitten) from you.
You will find that the tom will stop spraying his smelly urine to mark his territory.
Susie took up with a local tom and had a litter of two, a male and a female.
Fritz is a ginger tom of nine and a half months.
Some male wildcats mate with domestic females, but the half-breeds rarely survive either because the wild tom returns to kill the kittens as soon as they are born, or householders distrusting their untameable reputation do the same.