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tolled / благовестить, звонить по покойнику, отбивать часы
звонить по покойнику
отбивать часы
charge a toll for the use of (a bridge or road).
the report advocates expressway tolling
(with reference to a bell) sound or cause to sound with a slow, uniform succession of strokes, as a signal or announcement.
the bells of the cathedral began to toll for evening service
They hadn't informed councillors that the road would be tolled , the spokesperson added.
All expressways in Japan are currently tolled , but are severely congested due to the toll plazas.
The great 40-ton bell in Liverpool cathedral tolled out our shame and sadness.
And as the bells tolled , so began John's final journey, carried on the military vehicle, escorted by the military band.
A bell tolled 215 times in a moving tribute to the victims and their families.
He also pointed out that where a road has to be tolled there must be an alternative route available to people who do not want to pay the toll.
Some future roads will be tolled but with additional state capital subsidies being provided to make the projects economic for the private sector.
High up and near at hand a deep bell sonorously tolled the hour.
It is therefore proposed that the road will be tolled , in keeping with the Government's National Development Plan.
White smoke poured from the Sistine Chapel and bells tolled earlier to announce the conclave had produced a pope.