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toll / потери, дань, пошлина
имя существительное
losses, casualties, waste, toll, wastage
tribute, toll, impost, aid, scat
duty, fee, toll, tax, custom, lot
звонить по покойнику
отбивать часы
имя существительное
a charge payable for permission to use a particular bridge or road.
turnpike tolls
the number of deaths, casualties, or injuries arising from particular circumstances, such as a natural disaster, conflict, or accident.
the toll of dead and injured mounted
a single ring of a bell.
Even after he had heard the toll of the bell ring, it took him another full minute to safely retrieve his finger.
charge a toll for the use of (a bridge or road).
the report advocates expressway tolling
(with reference to a bell) sound or cause to sound with a slow, uniform succession of strokes, as a signal or announcement.
the bells of the cathedral began to toll for evening service
The new electronic bells automatically toll the Angelus and peal on the hour.
But even small steps could significantly reduce the toll of corporate crime and violence.
And surely enough the toll climbed during the day and into the night, reaching 189 people missing.
The deeper horror in this book is the relentless nature of trauma and the toll it takes on those who witness its seismic effects.
Tourism brings in 25 percent of Jamaica's gross national product, but it has also taken an environmental toll .
the environmental toll of the policy has been high
The extended hours have been a factor in the large death and accident toll on building sites.
At the end of life, pain can exact a terrible toll through its direct effect on the patient and the fear it instills in both the patient and the family members.
In Sri Lanka, the toll stands at 30 882 confirmed dead, the government said.
He says he expects the final casualty toll to rise to a huge 20,000.