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tolerable / терпимый, сносный, удовлетворительный
имя прилагательное
tolerant, tolerable, bearable, supportable, lenient, permissive
passable, bearable, tolerable, reasonable, middling, respectable
satisfactory, satisfying, fair, passable, tolerable
имя прилагательное
able to be endured.
a stimulant to make life more tolerable
She has an indefinable screen presence that makes even her poorest scenes tolerable .
An individual pet is usually more manageable and tolerable for most households.
The pain keeps hitting me in waves, ranging from barely tolerable to excruciating.
Using local anesthesia reduces the patient's trauma to a tolerable level.
This is tolerable as long as the level of that tax is comparatively low.
And I can be almost tolerable , if you take me in small doses.
The company encourages a little levity to make crammed flights slightly more tolerable .
His world had tilted off its axis, but her presence made it more tolerable .
The muffs have excellent noise attenuation in that they will bring the decibels down to a tolerable level.
Compared to this bounty, all material gains appear so small and all suffering appears to be easily tolerable .