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toilette / туалет, ванная, одевание
имя существительное
toilet, bathroom, lavatory, restroom, toilette, loo
bathroom, toilet, toilette
dressing, toilet, toilette
имя существительное
the process of washing oneself, dressing, and attending to one's appearance.
Emily got up to begin her morning toilette
Emily got up to begin her morning toilette
Caroline finished her toilette by herself, wearing a simple morning frock of blue.
Emily got up to begin her morning toilette
I performed a perfunctory toilette and went in search of him.
He drew Saskia in her bath, at her toilette , looking after her son Titus, getting out of bed, preparing food.
I should have been inspired by his example to go shave carefully and perform a thorough toilette ; instead I dashed under the shower and left the stubble for tomorrow.
She still approaches her daily toilette with all the excitement of a seven-year-old let loose in her mum's make-up bag.