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toiletries / туалетные принадлежности
имя существительное
туалетные принадлежности
toiletries, toiletry
имя существительное
articles used in washing and taking care of one's body, such as soap, shampoo, and toothpaste.
Therefore, having soap, shampoo and toiletry items available to them is a big plus.
Her cosmetics and toiletries were on her dresser and candles were scattered about the room.
Shopping for cosmetics and toiletries online is now big business.
The bathroom was bright, and spacious, with twin basins and a decent range of toiletries .
On arrival, each resident will be provided with a care package of clothing and toiletries .
Palm oil is used in everything from food products to cosmetics and toiletries .
The list is endless, and includes perfume, toiletries , videos, DVDs, sports goods and car parts.
I did say that I needed toothpaste and other personal toiletries , which they supplied to me.
Fill antique bowls or shaving mugs with pretty toiletries , such as soaps or bath salts.
I disagree entirely with the use of animals for the testing of make up and toiletries such as shampoo.
Last week she spent £15 sending parcels to her son, containing items like toothpaste and toiletries .