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toilet / туалет, ванная, уборная
имя существительное
toilet, bathroom, lavatory, restroom, toilette, loo
bathroom, toilet, toilette
restroom, lavatory, toilet, washroom, closet, water closet
имя прилагательное
toilet, lavatorial
совершать туалет
имя существительное
a large bowl for urinating or defecating into, typically plumbed into a sewage system and with a flushing mechanism.
Liz heard the toilet flush
the process of washing oneself, dressing, and attending to one's appearance.
her toilet completed, she finally went back downstairs
assist or supervise (someone, especially an infant or invalid) in using a toilet.
I wouldn't mind toileting a patient if it to be needed done.
The toilets are upstairs, but there is a communal disabled toilet on our floor.
They should not be flushed down the toilet or sink.
When they are flushed down the toilet , they dissolve into microscopic particles.
a bathroom cabinet stocked with toilet articles
You probably wash up your dirty dishes immediately after eating, and stick bleach down the toilet with every tenth flush.
A third of all household water is flushed down the toilet , so control the amount of water you use by putting a plastic bottle or ‘hippo’ in your cistern.
her toilet completed, she finally went back downstairs
She wanted to teach him how to walk, talk, and toilet himself.
Recurrent cerumen impaction and blockage has led him to seek medical attention for ear toilet .
Seat covers have been available for decades, and it used correctly, most seat covers will flush down the toilet without the user touching them.