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toil / трудиться, маяться, усиленно трудиться
work, labor, toil, trouble, fag, fag away
усиленно трудиться
имя существительное
тяжелый труд
toil, sweat, travail, slavery
working, work, job, operation, labor, toil
тяжелая работа
heavy work, drudgery, slog, fag, elbow grease, toil
имя существительное
exhausting physical labor.
a life of toil
work extremely hard or incessantly.
we toiled away
But local firms provided plants and materials, and after a fortnight's toil the job was done.
Nevertheless, the joy of knowing that those bookshelves were the result of your own toil and labour can be beyond measure, even if they are a bit wonky.
Over the summer months of toil and voluntary effort it will yet again become apparent who has earned the right to have their say.
All his life Nelson was profoundly aware of the drudgery of toil , whether on the furrow or the lower deck, and humanely responsive to the concerns of the least privileged.
They toil long hours in appalling conditions in machine shops and restaurants.
For the most part, food on the journey would be simple: something that stored well and needed little preparation, and yet was hearty enough to give the energy needed for hard physical toil .
Now when I talk about effort here I don't mean some awful dreary toil .
Unless we are to believe naively that leisure and luxury crystallize out of thin air, we must recognize and acknowledge that the comforts of globalization are reaped from the labour and toil of others.
Churchill responded by exhorting them to fight on the beaches and promised them only blood, tears, toil and sweat.
The dirt and grime of industrial toil has been largely replaced by white-collar jobs.