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tog / одежда
имя существительное
clothes, clothing, garments, garment, dress, tog
dress, wear, clothe, tog, clad, attire
be or get dressed for a particular occasion or activity.
we got togged up in our glad rags
имя существительное
running togs
At any opportunity the kids are togged out in their wellies and off out to the two secured outdoor areas on-site or for a run around outside.
Revellers togged up in suits and fancy vintage dresses groove the night away against a projected backdrop of classic films, footage of a bygone Birmingham and, later in the evening, eye-popping burlesque routines.
I quickly slipped out of my togs and under the sheet with some embarrassment.
So I got myself togged up in the required fisherman's smock, with those handy pockets for putting things in.
I've also got some great pictures of me in my Elizabethan togs which I will scan in today so keep your eye open for some new pictures in the gallery.
Already in her cycling togs , save for a pair of fuzzy tan slippers, she sits down at the tiny kitchen counter and plows through a slab of French toast.
In the end, we had snow, but the flurries were light, and so we togged up and trekked across town back to Betty's.
The point at which you put summer clothes away and bring out winter togs should be celebrated with some small ceremony.
We wandered back to the hotel from the Quayside after midnight, hand in hand and still in our posh togs , while Newcastle celebrated around us.
The sun shone as we togged out in our t-shirts that we put on over several layers of thermal underwear!