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toff / франт, джентльмен
имя существительное
dandy, toff, beau, dresser, spark, smart dresser
gentleman, gent, toff
имя существительное
a rich or upper-class person.
A ban won't just affect a few toffs and their rich country chums.
Grand ambition: to meet a rich toff and get married
But the countryside marchers were not toffs - they were real people, hard working people, genuine people.
‘Well, I keep on reading that the toffs and the working classes get on well together,’ he says.
Maybe toffs aren't offensive as long as they're scruffy?
And even in London, plenty of young toffs would have been wearing dinner jackets.
A generation of rich and eccentric toffs with more money than sense block out what's happening in the world by immersing themselves in one party after another.
We were stationed in Henley-on-Thames, a beautiful riverside town best known for its annual Regatta and the huge brawls between toffs , tourists and anarchists on Henley Bridge which marked the start of the boat racing.
By making this pair of public school boys the figureheads of the pro-hunt lobby, the media is reinforcing the view that hunt supporters are toffs clinging to the last of the privileges enjoyed by the aristocracy.
I'm here to show them that they have got it all wrong and that we are not all titled toffs .
Tatton in Cheshire came top, and it is amusing to learn that certain Sheffield residents are better off than the toffs from Kensington and Chelsea.