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toenail / ноготь на пальце ноги
имя существительное
ноготь на пальце ноги
имя существительное
the nail at the tip of each toe.
The decoration of both toenails and fingernails for aesthetic purposes dates back at least as far as Ancient Egypt, where henna and other products were applied to colour the feet and hands as well as the nails.
a nail driven obliquely through a piece of wood to secure it.
Also, try and stagger the toenails on each side of the board, rather than placing all of them on one side.
fasten (a piece of wood) by driving a nail obliquely through it.
The wood is secured by toenailing it to the roof decking.
An ingrown toenail occurs when the edge of the toenail grows into the soft skin surrounding the nail.
Then toenail the joist through the joist into the girder.
If your toenail does not improve, your GP or podiatrist will be able to partially remove your toenail to allow the nail to grow back and heal.
Secure the spanning joist to the post and toenail it to the center nailing block.
Scratching an infected toenail can infect your fingernails.
If necessary shim before you secure pre-drill and toenail the stringer to the piers.
Then, using 16-penny nails, toenail the curb through the sheathing to the frame.
Her nail varnish is applied patchily, on bitten fingernails and bitten toenails .
They affect the toenails more often than the fingernails.
Workers often lose fingernails and toenails , and they suffer injuries from the knives, saws, and machinery.