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toehold / точка опоры
имя существительное
точка опоры
foothold, fulcrum, pivot, toehold, bearing, purchase
имя существительное
a small place where a person's foot can be lodged to support them, especially while climbing.
Michael stood below him, placing the young climber's feet into the toeholds afforded by the sheer rock wall.
We have to show them they can't have a toehold in Leeds, that there is no place for people who sow seeds of hatred and division.
It's easy to read themes of ecology and anti-industrialism into what are extremely overbuilt industrial cities where nature has to fight for a toehold .
The French reached Cayenne in 1604, and the Dutch arrived in 1616, but Britain did not gain a permanent toehold until 1796.
Unfortunately, he has already failed as far as many families are concerned, and many of those who have managed to get a toehold on home ownership now have such a huge debt that they live in fear of the smallest rise in interest rates.
Minor blister pain can advance from a low simmer to a fiery torture in the space of a few miles, so don't let it get a toehold in the gap between your feet and your socks and shoes.
Quite simply, local young people are being squeezed right out of the housing market, quite unable to contemplate gaining even a toehold .
This ‘additional functionality’ should be removed, he advises, and the operating system secured so attackers cannot get the necessary toehold on the system.
They didn't abandon their culture, and they didn't even really change it - they just got a toehold on prosperity.
the importance of networking at conventions to gain a toehold in the industry
Janet carefully swung one leg over the sill and rested her small foot on the narrow toehold as she shifted the rest of her through the opening.