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toe / палец, носок, палец на ноге
имя существительное
finger, pin, toe, digit, stud, claw
sock, toe, foot
палец на ноге
ударять носком
надвязывать носок
криво забивать
имя существительное
any of the five digits at the end of the human foot.
he cut his big toe on a sharp stone
the lower end, tip, or point of something, in particular.
Instead of just latching together via a single bar at the toe , these components make a second connection that stabilizes the ski.
push, touch, or kick (something) with one's toe.
he toed off his shoes and flexed his feet
walk with the toes pointed in (or out).
he toes out when he walks
I dropped my cigarette to the ground and put it out with the toe of my sneakers.
Sure enough, she's hitting balls off the hosel, she's hitting it off the toe .
Too many golfers hit the ball off the top of the clubhead, the bottom of the clubhead, the toe or the heel.
As in the case of macropodid hind feet, the fourth toe is the longest and strongest.
Four ‘station stones’ set at the corners of a rectangle just inside the inner toe of the surrounding bank were also set up.
She looked down at the thick carpet of her room, digging the toe of her sneakers into the floral pattern.
It also stops me from reaching for the ball so much and losing shots off the toe .
he cut his big toe on a sharp stone
It was decided to ignore the protective gabion walls alongside the toe of the embankment for the purpose of the ranking.
I'm sure the first player to turn the clubhead over on its toe and hit a ball from the opposite side wasn't trying to be innovative.