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toddler / ползунок, ребенок, начинающий ходить
имя существительное
ребенок, начинающий ходить
toddler, toddle
имя существительное
a young child who is just beginning to walk.
Primary school children and even toddlers as young as two have been caught starting fires.
Every time you go to make love, the baby wakes up or the toddler toddles in.
She spoke about caring for a range of children, both newborn and toddlers .
The rest look like they have just been taught how to walk by mischievous older toddlers at the local playgroup.
Surely toddlers and young kids have a right of some sort to enjoy chasing pigeons in a park somewhere?
We fell in love with each other when all our children were toddlers .
Children, from toddlers through to teens, will be donning these must-have looks too.
But the 2,000 parents of toddlers surveyed said their children were losing the art of inventive, imaginative play which is what toddlerhood should ultimately be about.
They came from across the town and ranged from young parents with toddlers to pensioners with walking sticks.
The survey also revealed that one in six parents of babies or toddlers lose their temper with their child every other day.
The six sessions include giving tips and ideas for playing with young children and toddlers .