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toddle / ковылять, учиться ходить, прогуливаться
hobble, totter, toddle, stumble along, dodder along, stump
учиться ходить
stroll, saunter, promenade, walk about, troll, toddle
имя существительное
stroll, tour, ride, promenade, jaunt, toddle
ребенок, начинающий ходить
toddler, toddle
(of a young child) move with short unsteady steps while learning to walk.
William toddled curiously toward the TV crew
имя существительное
a young child's unsteady walk.
Preschools, playgroups and nurseries can organise their own half-mile sponsored toddles , too and if they do, they get to keep 25 per cent of the money raised.
I moan and sit up with aiding pressure from my hands, and toddle into the restroom to splash water on my face.
Speaking of art, if you live in Bermuda, toddle along to the City Hall Arts Centre at 5.30 pm after work this evening.
Yes, that's right, you can stick the probe in the meat, set the thing to beep you when it hits the right temperature, and toddle off to the deck with a Tom Collins.
Think I'll have a wee joint, something to eat, and toddle off to my bed.
The craving for something warm to drink wins the moment, so I lay down my pen and toddle off to the kitchen.
So toddle off outside and measure the length and breadth of the house and multiply those figures.
The main street will be temporarily closed for the duration of the toddle to ensure the safety of the children.
I remembered Mom sitting beside me as we watched Jenna toddle around the room, going up to various people on the benches.
Miraculously, Baby Jessica emerged unharmed, and the parents who let a baby toddle near open shafts weren't sent to prison for gross stupidity.
‘Well,’ he cleared his throat, ‘I can see that you two are busy, so I'll just toddle off then.’