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today / сегодня, в настоящее время, в наши дни
в настоящее время
currently, now, today, presently, at the present time, at the moment
в наши дни
today, nowadays
имя существительное
сегодняшний день
настоящее время
now, present, today, nowadays, present tense
наши дни
on or in the course of this present day.
she's thirty today
имя существительное
this present day.
today is a day of rest
About the only thing today 's heavyweights provide is a headache to those who follow them.
Yep, the day you give thanks for the man who made you the fully rounded fabulous human being you are today .
From today a special hotline will enable people to report sightings of the rogue cars.
In court today , she described seeing a man and a dog stopped on the side of the highway.
Of course, looking at the world today it is sometimes difficult to see much difference.
She says today 's society is a toxic mix of social and economic pressures which impact negatively on child health.
I can't see the controversy in producing books and literature that reflects today 's society.
It's a big task, given that only ten per cent of humans have access to the Net today .
The coroner was due to open an inquest into his death today at Burnley Magistrates Court.
This may be a climb down, given the fact that they have had no success in court today .