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tobacconist / торговец табачными изделиями, владелец табачной фабрики
имя существительное
торговец табачными изделиями
владелец табачной фабрики
имя существительное
a dealer in cigarettes, tobacco, cigars, and other items used by smokers.
What is the best way to stop tobacconists selling cigarettes to children?
Fairly obviously, this indicates that one function of the shop is as a tobacconist , and such shops sell cigarettes et cetera.
It was squashed between a tobacconist and a dressmakers in the middle of a street which was primarily shops.
Across the road from the Cathedral is a tobacconist that sells postcards.
The specialist tobacconist will no longer be able to advertise cigarettes or hand-rolling tobacco products in the window of the shop.
A robber went into a tobacconist in Auckland, New Zealand, and asked for cigarettes, and threw a $20 note on the counter so that the shopkeeper would open the till.
Once he was sure he was out of eyeshot of the tobacconist he dropped the pack of cigarettes, unopened, into one of the discreetly placed rubbish bins surrounded by unnaturally flourishing pot plants.
Austin was a tobacconist and photographic dealer who owned a shop on central Devon Street in New Plymouth.
Ending up in Syria, he settled down and quickly found work as a tobacconist , where he began experimenting with different cigarette compositions.
I may be an unreconstructed teenage rebel, but a law that bans smoking by consenting adults in tobacconists seems to me to be a bad law, and one worth disobeying.
My grandfather Amos Dewhirst, a woolsorter and part-time picture-framer from Oxenhope, opened his newsagents, stationers and tobacconists at 232, Oakworth Road, Keighley, in 1899.