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tobacco / табак, курево
имя существительное
tobacco, weed, snout
имя прилагательное
tobacco, nicotian
имя существительное
a preparation of the nicotine-rich leaves of an American plant, which are cured by a process of drying and fermentation for smoking or chewing.
This can happen due to variety of reasons, the commonest being smoking or chewing tobacco .
the plant of the nightshade family that yields tobacco, native to tropical America. It is widely cultivated in warm regions, especially in the US and China.
The integral mana of the tobacco plant has been abused as have the Native Americans from whom the plant was taken.
The smoking of tobacco should eventually become an activity undertaken only by consenting adults in private.
Both tobacco , as a model plant species, and alfalfa have been transformed with the assembled constructs.
What I do know is that legal smoking of tobacco kills 4,700 New Zealanders a year.
However the consumption of smoking tobacco is far lower than in any other European country.
Cancer of the oral cavity is more common in people who chew tobacco or smoke pipes.
With the anti-smoking campaigns the nation acknowledged the dangers of smoking tobacco .
There were three products, cut tobacco for pipes, roll tobacco for chewing and smoking, and snuff.
Several carcinogens are derived from tobacco but also from areca nut.
These groups are always in favor of raising taxes on tobacco and of banning smoking in public places.
Both tobacco and cannabis have a similar range of carcinogenic substances.