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toaster / тостер, тамада, провозглашающий тост
имя существительное
toast-master, toaster
провозглашающий тост
имя существительное
an electrical device for making toast.
And in California years ago, 20 years ago, we started making energy-efficient appliances from toasters to refrigerators to air conditioners.
a DJ who accompanies reggae with improvised rhythmic speech.
The 1970's Jamaican DJ toaster URoy accompanies Toots on track 11, Never Grow Old.
Firstly, I bought an electric toaster , so that I might enjoy the treat of toasted bread and marmalade.
Today, something as simple as a scooter, a toaster or a set of turntables take on an almost political meaning thanks to the urgency of these stencilled images.
The television was regulated to the status of ‘appliance,’ making it just slightly more entertaining than a toaster .
The electric toaster and microwave went into the kitchen.
A young Rastafarian toaster hopes to rise above the trials of his daily life and succeed at a Sound System competition.
Through the years, Shara Nelson, Tricky, Tracy Thorn, Liz Fraser and reggae toaster Horace Andy have all been an integral part of Massive Attack's evolving sound.
He's a complete technophobe, who has difficulty operating any technical gadget invented since 1950; even an electric toaster is a challenge for his technical know-how.
At least marmalade was here but the bread available was little improved by a toaster .
The 1970's Jamaican DJ toaster URoy accompanies Toots on track 11, Never Grow Old.
Instead of using the grill for toast, use an electric toaster .