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toadstool / поганка
имя существительное
toadstool, grebe, fungus, amanita, dabchick, fairy-mushroom
имя существительное
the spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically in the form of a rounded cap on a stalk, especially one that is believed to be inedible or poisonous.
The fly agaric or fairy toadstool grows here too, especially under birch along with other woodland fungi.
The fly agaric or fairy toadstool grows here too, especially under birch along with other woodland fungi.
They decided to make a collection of all the plants, animals and insects they could find, and smuggled home innumerable beetles, toadstools , dead birds, hedgehogs, frogs, caterpillars and minnows and sloughed snakeskins.
‘I fell in love with toadstools ,’ she explained.
If the Killarney Town Council delegation pays a visit, they can experience the thrill of sitting on seats that resemble toadstools , surrounded by a little bridge and fountain to create the ultimate Alice in Wonderland experience.
Are they the sort that's just darker grass, or dead grass, or the sort with actual toadstools / mushrooms?
It had high mountains where dragons slept in dark caves and low valleys where tiny sprites slept under toadstools .
All around the two girls grew large specimens of fungi: mushrooms nearly as tall as them grew from the ground, and toadstools and bracken protruded from the rocky walls in clumps.
I didn't turn to gardening, of course, beyond helping Graham remove a nest of snails from the back garden and several small colonies of forest toadstools from the front path and grass.
For instance, the modern tide of new houses springing up round Mayo like concrete toadstools spells death for miles of hedgerows, dry stone walls and the wild-life that depends on such habitat.
We collected it, fried it in butter, and relished its delicious taste, while Henrik was convinced that we would soon die in pain, poisoned by ‘these terrible toadstools .’