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to-do / суматоха, суета, шум
имя существительное
turmoil, bustle, ado, flurry, clutter, to-do
vanity, bustling, bustle, rush, scurry, to-do
noise, sound, uproar, din, clamor, to-do
имя существительное
a commotion or fuss.
he ignored the to-do in the hall
We make a big to-do about men's infidelity, but what about unfaithfulness among women?
They had a to-do just last week, when Simon had to tell her not to resign from politics.
When they returned to the foyer there had been a bit of a to-do with Oliver.
Just to tease the boss, the drovers made a big to-do about who would sit next to Laurie but, in the end, Gil ended up at her side.
This is not the time to make a big to-do about our report for a few weeks, and then put it into the deep freeze.
Gareth Holmes and electrician James Asherton had a bit of a to-do over James' craftsmanship on Gareth's home.
This back and forth happens once or twice more, and then there's a little to-do because the tyke has wet the little pants she is wearing.
There also was a bit of a to-do over what constituted a ‘strip cell’.
he made a great to-do about fetching a cup
he ignored the to-do in the hall