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titter / хихиканье
имя существительное
giggle, chuckle, sniggering, snicker, titter, snigger
giggle, chuckle, snicker, twitter, snigger, titter
give a short, half-suppressed laugh; giggle.
her stutter caused the children to titter
имя существительное
a short, half-suppressed laugh.
While reading, I ranged from smiles to titters to outright belly laughs.
There was a titter of laughter but we smothered it before it became a guffaw.
This was followed by a titter of female laughter and a hushed, ‘Stop it, Henry!’
The titter of laughter that went up at the end of many choruses was composed of a mixture of mirth and self-recognition.
her stutter caused the children to titter
I guess it was funny to some people because there was a titter of laughter.
her stutter caused the children to titter
The comment earned a titter of laughter from her fellow Oath-takers.
These will now be broadcast on Radio Scotland on Saturdays later in the year, so everyone will have a chance for both a titter and, in parts, a great big belly laugh.
He riffed on that theme while the crowd tittered .
The crowd of Recruits behind Sam tittered with amusement.