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title / звание, титул, название
имя существительное
rank, title, degree, dignity, grade
title, dignity, style
name, title, designation, denomination, appellation, denotation
имя прилагательное
title, capital, titular, titulary
call, name, term, title, designate, denominate
давать заглавие
присваивать титул
имя существительное
the name of a book, composition, or other artistic work.
the author and title of the book
a name that describes someone's position or job.
Leese assumed the title of director general
the position of being the champion of a major sports competition.
Davis won the world title for the first time in 1981
a right or claim to the ownership of property or to a rank or throne.
a local family had title to the property
(in church use) a fixed sphere of work and source of income as a condition for ordination.
give a name to (a book, composition, or other work).
a song titled “You Rascal, You.”
the buyer acquires a good title to the merchandise
The easiest way to do this is to embellish a little when describing your current job title .
I remember enjoying it, but I could never remember the title of the book, nor the name of the author.
Though he did not have the title of a lord or any special rank, he lived fairly well as one of the lower upperclassmen.
If she had a professional title , it would be Dr. Anne Jones and she would use that in her professional life.
The only difference between them was the title of the book and the author's name.
The title of Supreme Champion won by Craig means that he is the best dog in Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man.
he will inherit the title of Duke of Marlborough
She earned her title following a visit by Queen Victoria, says Dr Kellett.
Two Orkney golfers have won the Scottish champions title in the biggest competition for club golfers in the world.