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titivate / наряжать, прихорашивать, прихорашиваться
dress up, dress, trig, prank, titivate, bedizen
smarten up, smarten oneself up, prink, titivate, tittivate
preen, smarten up, smarten, primp, smarten oneself up, titivate
make small enhancing alterations to (something).
she slapped on her warpaint and titivated her hair
It was nice to get home in the daylight, and have time to titivate the garden before tea.
If we're recovering furniture, go for a sensible (no, it's not a dirty word) hard-wearing fabric and titivate the look with cushions.
Of course, we'll be so busy preparing for this damn party (final unpackings as we assemble newly arrived furniture, last-minute house and garden titivations , shopping etc), I'm not sure I'll have time to blog before Monday.
She started titivating , moving the furniture slightly, adjusting the curtains.
Given that, at Christmas, the world is full of beautiful women titivating themselves , I think my malaise is understandable.
While I underwent the titivations , the suit had been pressed.
Wigs for the dolls are imported ready styled, but of course they can be titivated to suit and the long wigs can be plaited.
I need to go upstairs and titivate myself before hard-working husband's return.
To ask who should be there is not just a protocol question for the titivation of social secretaries.
However it may be difficult to increase rental levels to any significant degree without some titivation of the building.