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titillating / щекотать, приятно возбуждать
tickle, titillate, kittle
приятно возбуждать
имя прилагательное
arousing mild sexual excitement or interest; salacious.
she let slip titillating details about her clients
stimulate or excite (someone), especially in a sexual way.
these journalists are paid to titillate the public
Yet there is more here than just titillating visuals.
In one of the book's most titillating revelations, she writes about engaging in sexual threesomes.
Sure, crass commercialism has pushed the mainstream media into an obsession with titillating stories about celebrities.
It is this that lends her mildly titillating fiction the veneer of importance.
There's no voyeuristic, titillating side to the film.
It's not an erotic, titillating scene, nor is it meant to be.
Wrapped around the chat-show elements are snippets of supposedly adult education programmes and gratuitous shots of semi-nude women in titillating situations.
While never titillating or exploitive, the love shared between Lana and Brandon is honest and very moving.
By the time that same child is 18 years old, approximately 40,000 sexually titillating scenes will have been viewed.
The titillating details that have emerged about their four-month fling have also made the story irresistible.