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titillate / щекотать, приятно возбуждать
tickle, titillate, kittle
приятно возбуждать
stimulate or excite (someone), especially in a sexual way.
these journalists are paid to titillate the public
They also like to pretend they're lesbian lovers, but that's not meant to titillate consumers.
Typical of a tabloid, they took a sex-tinged story, layered it with outrage, but ultimately used it to titillate their audience.
these journalists are paid to titillate the public
This ritualistic preparation is not shown to titillate the viewer.
the press are paid to titillate the public
The homonymic pun on the mail is made obvious by what is on the back side of the piece: a collage of images clipped from stag magazines resembling the interior of a young man's gym locker and meant to titillate the observer.
The idea just seems to titillate you beyond all reason.
They enter into a Faustian pact with the general public: in order to sustain our interest they have to continually titillate us with revelations.
The range is available at affordable prices and has been prepared by Patissier Gallery's chefs, who backed by their rich five-star experiences, have given each product in the range a special touch to further titillate the taste buds.
She's got a personal, er, stake, in killing Dracula, but the character really exists to titillate teenage boys.