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tithe / церковная десятина, десятая часть, чуточка
имя существительное
церковная десятина
десятая часть
tenth, tithe, decile
modicum, touch, ounce, dash, smidgen, tithe
облагать церковной десятиной
платить церковную десятину
имя существительное
one tenth of annual produce or earnings, formerly taken as a tax for the support of the church and clergy.
They retained only one direct tax, the tithe on agricultural produce (decima).
pay or give as a tithe.
he tithes 10 percent of his income to the church
he hadn't said a tithe of the prayers he knew
We will make council together of how our finest produce is being sullied by vile competitors in the dark eastern lands who take it onto themselves and, through craft and cunning, recreate it at a tithe of the cost.
The Christian who is pressured by their church to tithe 10% of their family income will not find agreement from the Wiccan spouse who is used to only paying a modest fee for classes or coven dues.
Members can tithe online by setting up automatic account withdrawals managed by the church.
My husband and I tithe , and we give most of our money to the Lutheran church.
In recent years, Trinity has encouraged members to tithe .
This contribution is voluntary, but the government collects this tithe and uses the income to support hospitals, orphanages, and religious schools.
In fact, nearly one million unchurched adults tithe their income, usually to parachurch ministries.
Asked what the first thing he will do with his NBA paycheck, he says, ‘Pay my church tithe .’
Today, when new music streams from the press in such floods that nobody has time to take in more than a tithe of it, a composer so versatile and prolific as Stanford is apt to suffer from those very qualities.