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titbit / лакомый кусок, пикантная новость
имя существительное
лакомый кусок
tidbit, tasty morsel, titbit
пикантная новость
tidbit, titbit
when you are out with your puppy always have a titbit in your pocket
I tend to remember things better if I have a little titbit of interesting information to go with it.
Such football titbits always float to the surface on third-round day which remains the best, most hectic, interesting and fun day of the season - and this one was even more frenetic than usual.
There are lots of tidbits and sound bites from the convention.
Into the menu proper and next up are tidbits and finger food, all coming with Aloha's special table sauces.
The beauty of dim sum is that lunch will involve no ordering, no waiting, just hot, tasty tidbits and a bottomless pot of restorative hot tea.
He loved our little nieces and would gently take food tidbits from their fingers when they tried to feed him.
Witnesses have come forward and given certain tidbits that we piece together.
Conversing and enjoying tidbits of food is the core of the Spanish character.
Now, add all those specialised magazines, and you have a virtual feast of news, gossip, tidbits , and more.